Nea Styra

Nea Styra - South Evia

Nea Styra, a modern tourist resort, with great prospects for further development, is the port of Styra and is connected to Agia Marina of Marathon with regular daily ferry services. The first settlement was created in 1895 under the name Gisouri and in 1940 it was renamed Nea Styra. From the 1960s Nea Styra began to attract the interest of holidaymakers for the beautiful beaches, the unique sunset, the abundant greenery, the fresh fish and mainly for the easy access to Athens. So very soon it began to turn into a lively resort, a favorite of young people and adults alike. Modern comfortable hotels and many rooms for rent, taverns with fresh fish and delicious meat of Karystia, summer cinema, beautiful bars with Greek and foreign music, crystal clear sea, beautiful beaches and everything the visitor can wish are easily available.